Architecture and Leadership – What is your leadership style?

This video shows how we can use architecture to reflect about our leadership style. Should we provide more structure and direction or should we rather create space so that our teams can gain greater autonomy? There is no right or wrong, but the analogy to architecture can help us assess our style and adjust it to the needs of our teams and of the business.


Trust Management – How to enhance trust in your organization

Interview with Prof. Dr. Tom Sommerlatte from the Trust Management Institute.

Trust is a key driver of performance. A robust trust base contributes to efficient interactions within the organization. Trust allows organizations to learn faster, to innovate and to adapt to changes in the market. Trust is the foundation of employees ability to operate efficiently in their work environment and of good leadership. But managers are not sufficiently aware of the components of trust. They may therefore even destroy the trust capital by inadvertence. This article outlines the trust dimensions and how leaders can manage trust in their company.


How to manage cultural change

Many of us have experience how difficult it is to manage cultural change. This video outlines the importance of taking the unwritten rules into account to avoid that they become roadblocks in our change journey. The approach developed by Peter Scott-Morgan shows how to make these deeply rooted drivers of employee behavior visible and how to efficiently address them in our change journey (Peter Scott-Morgan: The Unwritten Rules of the Game, 1994)

Wow How : Great leadership behavior

Wow how = Examples of great leadership

Many companies assess employee performance based on the WHAT and the HOW.  What has been achieved is based on the annual objectives. the How dimension is usually based on a leadership framework that outlines the expected leadership behavior. The WOW HOW series provides examples of great leadership. It is important to outline these examples because they very often go unnoticed. We see the great What achievements: the product launches, the turnaround projects, the business development initiatives, etc. But great leadership behavior is very often less visible.  

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