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Set up your Personal Career Advisory Board now!

It is important to actively drive our career development. But that should not be done alone. You should get the support from people who know you, who know your function and who know your industry. This article outlines how to set up a personal career advisory board and how to run it efficiently.

Your personal board will help you review your career strategy and it will be there to answer questions on how to best steer your professional development. The board will provide advice on important career decisions and you will be able to draw on the board member’s experience and expertise. Such a career advisory board can become a major success factor for your professional development. Don’t wait to set it up!


Career Strategy: The Diamond principle

A career has typically two distinct phases: In the first phase you broaden your experience base. You will reach a turning point as soon as you have gained the necessary experience to reach your aspired career target. This is where the second phase starts and where you need to take a focused approach in view of your career ambition. In this video I outline two important aspects related to these two phase: communication and time management. Getting this right will help you optimize your career development.


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