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Leadership Assessments: Pros & Cons

After a strong expansion of leadership assessments, some companies are now limiting their usage. Should Leadership Assessments be used for candidate selection? Are they a good development tool? This video describes their advantages and limitations and outlines how to make best use of these leadership assessments. Please share your own experience through survey monkey questionnaire (link in the comment section below). I will provide feedback on the survey results shortly.


Career Strategy – 4 principles of career management

This article provides an overview on the key principles of career management. You will find concrete examples and dynamic graphical illustrations. Those could help you define your personal career strategy: setting your career ambition, broadening your experience base in view of your targeted position and going for the most promising opportunities.

The power of true Conversations

We speak about a conversation when we want to engage in a deeper exchange with another person. This article outlines some thoughts on how to prepare for the conversation and how to make it as rich and constructive as possible. It speaks about the importance of emotions and body language, about stumbling stones we may encounter and how to manage them during the conversation. This article also addresses the questions of the dynamics of a conversation.

Career management – You are the CEO!

Career management is an important responsibility we have. We are all the CEOs of our own little enterprise. We are in charge to set the strategic direction, to ensure that our market value is increasing, to monitor trends and opportunities and to make bold decisions when needed. So you see, it’s a tough job to be a CEO! This video outlines how to best manage that.

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