The power of saying Thank you!

Chip Anthony heads up a sizable industrial activity in Chattanooga (Tennessee). We visited his production site together and I was amazed by the fact that Chip reached out to many people calling them by their names, shaking hands, asking how they were and saying “thank you!”

A powerful way to building trust and engagement

I was intrigued and asked Chip about this practice. As you will see in this video, Chip believes that saying “thank you” is a powerful way of building trust and engagement. He does that naturally because he really believes it. He is grateful to his staff for their commitment and contribution. He sees a reinforcing link between the interest he has for each one of them and their contribution to business success.

Man and Women Hand Shake

Surely the trigger of positive energy

This is probably a very “Chip Anthony” thing, but it might be worthwhile asking ourselves how often we say thank you to our teams and if doing that more often could not trigger a lot of positive energy.

Close-up of Hand

One more exAmple of great leadership behavior!

This series of WOW HOW videos shows examples of great leadership behavior that are not so visible, but that are great examples to follow. I believe that this approach that Chip has of saying “thanks you” is one of these WOW HOW behaviors.

More information in my book:

Sven Sommerlatte : Successful Career Strategy – An HR Practitioner’s Guide to Reach Your Dream Job (Springer, June 2023).  ISBN: 978-3-662-66790-3

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