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COMPANY CULTURE. How to optimize internal competition

The level of internal competition is an important aspect of company culture. Some companies have an exacerbated level of internal competition. Other organizations are overly consensus oriented. These two extremes are not optimal, because employees cannot cooperate efficiently. We should therefore aim to move to health internal rivalry. This video outlines how to achieve this.


Should employees be informed about the ASSESSMENT OF THEIR POTENTIAL?

In this article I would like to discuss the controversial question, if employees should be informed about the way their potential has been rated.  Assessment of potential is a highly complex topic. I will outline here why superficial discussions on potential can be quite damaging. My recommendation is therefore to rather focus on career perspectives, which is what employees really need to know about.


How to make individual development plans much more relevant and attractive?

The quality and the implementation of individual development plans is often not fully satisfactory. Last minute cancellations from training programs are one indicator for that. Employees don’t feel fully responsible for their own development. Here is a proposal how to change that: giving each employee an annual development budget and empowering them to invest this into the development action they believe are most valuable. Find out here how concretely that could concretely work!


Succession planning – How to involve managers and employees?

During this conversation Rolf Peiffer (Managing Partner at Leadership Choices) and Sven Sommerlatte explore the benefits of making succession planning more transparent. The idea is to establish an open exchange between the current incumbent of a role and his/her identified successors. This might make our succession planning process more robust and more meaningful.


The language of diversity. What are the right words to use?

Employees are not always comfortable to speak about diversity, because they are not sure what words to use. They are worried that inappropriate terms could offend others and then prefer to hold back. Establishing a language of diversity is therefore an important step on our journey towards creating a more inclusive work environment.


Leadership Assessments: Pros & Cons

After a strong expansion of leadership assessments, some companies are now limiting their usage. Should Leadership Assessments be used for candidate selection? Are they a good development tool? This video describes their advantages and limitations and outlines how to make best use of these leadership assessments. Please share your own experience through survey monkey questionnaire (link in the comment section below). I will provide feedback on the survey results shortly.


Career Strategy – 4 principles of career management

This article provides an overview on the key principles of career management. You will find concrete examples and dynamic graphical illustrations. Those could help you define your personal career strategy: setting your career ambition, broadening your experience base in view of your targeted position and going for the most promising opportunities.

Internal Organization Expertise (Part 2): How to build it up ?

In view of the significant budget that many companies dedicate every year to management consulting, a number of companies consider developing internal organization expertise. In the previous article (Part 1), I have outlined the benefits that such an internal consulting team can bring. This article (Part 2) provides recommendations on how to build such a team.


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