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ART-WORK BALANCE. What art can bring to leadership

Interview with Prof. Dr. Tom Sommerlatte.  For Tom, being a painter and leading a corporation hang together. That balance between ART and WORK is essential for him as a leader. He has brought artistic freedom and creativity into the workplace. According to Tom, the artistic spirit helps improve problem solving. To take people along Tom had to encourage his teams to break out of their routines. Artists have the courage to start from a white page. They want to accomplish something new. They are fully engaged. Tom believes that this is what Art can bring to Leadership!


Career Strategy: The Diamond principle

A career has typically two distinct phases: In the first phase you broaden your experience base. You will reach a turning point as soon as you have gained the necessary experience to reach your aspired career target. This is where the second phase starts and where you need to take a focused approach in view of your career ambition. In this video I outline two important aspects related to these two phase: communication and time management. Getting this right will help you optimize your career development.


Energy management – How to become a Corporate Athlete

Leaders often have a heavy schedule. Travel and jet-lag may add fatigue. They have to resolve stressful situations and have to manage public exposure inside or outside of their organizations. Physical and mental well-being are essential conditions to efficiently cope with these challenges. Just like top performers in sports, leaders have to look after their fitness in order to become true corporate athletes.


Stress Management – How to stay serene under high tension?

Studies show that the stress level among leaders is increasing all the time, because the pace of change is accelerating. Leaders have to provide a lot of energy to respond to this, but that is expected to be done in a calm and determined way. This can be perceived as a paradox: How to stay perfectly calm in a storm? In this article we will use examples from the philosopher Heraclites to illustrate how to combine high energy and great serenity in order to mater stress.


ASPIRATION versus AMBITION – Connect to your true desire!

We are in the daily race for higher objectives and strive to over-achieve. Ambition is good, but is sometimes overshadows what we truly aspire to. Aspiration is related to our deeper desire. The closer we get to our aspired state the more fulfillment we experience. We should be careful not to miss this in the rush. That article might help to connect to what we truly aspire to.


Should employees be informed about the ASSESSMENT OF THEIR POTENTIAL?

In this article I would like to discuss the controversial question, if employees should be informed about the way their potential has been rated.  Assessment of potential is a highly complex topic. I will outline here why superficial discussions on potential can be quite damaging. My recommendation is therefore to rather focus on career perspectives, which is what employees really need to know about.


How to make individual development plans much more relevant and attractive?

The quality and the implementation of individual development plans is often not fully satisfactory. Last minute cancellations from training programs are one indicator for that. Employees don’t feel fully responsible for their own development. Here is a proposal how to change that: giving each employee an annual development budget and empowering them to invest this into the development action they believe are most valuable. Find out here how concretely that could concretely work!


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